The Right and the Ritual of Real food







My name is Roxanne, and I am the creative behind the brand Nyamright.

I am a nurse by profession who has spent the past 6 years of an 11 years career educating individuals with various illness, on how to create a healthy relationship with food.
“Nyam” is a term curated from my Jamaican heritage meaning “To Eat”- hence “Nyamright”. In my country we show love through the preparation of beautiful meals in beautiful settings.

Our Moto here at  “Nyamright” is “The right and the ritual of real food”. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the knowledge and understanding of our relationship with not only the right and real food, but the ritual of how we prepare foods, and what it means to nourish our temples. 

The Products

the Variety

Fruit Salads


Fruit Jams

Behind how we are driven to choosing our food, as well as our struggles with food

So join me on this journey to making real food the real choice to
creating balanced in our every day lives